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All the tests are based on DNA analysis. We perform gender identification (sexing) as well as pathogen (bacterial, viral and protozoan) testing. The laboratory needs a DRY blood sample on laboratory paper and it takes one to three business days to complete the following tests:
    1. DNA sexing
    2. Pathogen testing (bacterial, viral or protozoan):
      •  Avian Polyoma (one L) virus tests
      • Avian Encephalomyelitis (A not E)
Two extra tests – Avian Encephelopmyelitis and Avian Influenza virus tests – are also done but the waiting period is longer and another blood sampling method is needed. Take a look at our price list and read more on the sampling procedure. 
Active members of the Parrot Breeder’s Association of South Africa (PASA) receive a discount on the sexing and PBFD virus tests. Please provide us with your PASA-code when completing your submission form.
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